Info Links

Here are some links that I have found helpful. If you have a link that has helpful info having to do with financial assistance, nutrition, ALL and Minimal Residual Disease (Elias’ Diagnosis), restaurants near the hospital etc  please post it in the comments.

Children’s Hospital Boston– This is where Elias is receiving treatments

Dana Farber Cancer Institute- Is part of the Children’s hospital’s oncology unit and The Jimmy Fund is part of Dana Farber

The Jimmy Fund– Organization that helps fund the clinic and research

Wikipedia on Minimal Residual Disease

Dr. Natasha Archer our Head Fellow: in the News

Reassuring News for Childhood Cancer Survivors in the Wall Street Journal


One thought on “Info Links

  1. Hello,

    Hello. I saw the information on the benefit for your son on Greg Hinson’s facebook page. He was my father’s doctor on Nantucket before he passed away earlier this year. My mom Dee Unruh lives on Nantucket – she has lung cancer, and my aunt passed away from breast cancer many years ago so fighting this disease and helping people get through this type of crisis is something I am particularly passionate about. In any event, I went to your blog page and saw that you might need help with housing in the Boston area for your family and Elias when you are here for treatments. If you still need a place to stay when you are here, I would like to offer my home. I live in Sherborn which is about a 20-30 minute drive to those hospitals on Route 9. I live alone with my dog and two cats in farm country. There is a horse farm right across the street as well. I don’t know Elias is able to be around animals due to his immune system, but if he is then I have two bedrooms that are not being used and you would be most welcome here whenever you need a place to stay. I hope you will call as I would like to help. I sincerely hope Elias gets better. My heart goes out to you. Warm regards, Heidi Unruh 617-283-6464

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